Few years back I had this dream of visiting every single state in the US. I had maybe 30 something under by belt then. I don't know how many I have now. What happened?

Alaska happened.

I will not say I just love Alaska. I do but even more I will forever be in awe of the massiveness of everything up there. From the landscape to the animals to the sheer size of this "state". I had a vague idea how big it was before I started to plan out my journey and by the end of the the trip I realized what a joke it is to say or even believe that by being to a city or town and claim to have visited Alaska.

So lets get the sizes out there first.



Anchorage the largest city is about 2000 sq miles. LA is about 500 and that's the whole metro area.

So yeah - in case you didn't know or realize Alaska is big. So how do you even attempt to tackle this beast. But know this - you will never "see" Alaska - you will at best just see the smallest sliver of it. But the sliver will be like nothing you have ever seen :)

I went there in the end of November to experience some bitter cold and I did. And I saw almost night all day long. And witnessed first hand the extreme hardiness of the people living there. And found a surprisingly cosmopolitan village/town of Barrow - the northernmost city in North America. And found that Anchorage has the most number of coffee shops per person. A mystifying land that is Alaska. I will be writing a series of posts on different kinds of  trips you can do up there. From comfortable cruises to road trips to breathtaking backpacking journeys.