This is not just a travel blog. Yes - I travel and a lot and write about it. But for me the real reward of being in a new place lies not just in the scenery or a unique culture. My real reward is realizing how the uniqueness of that culture couldn't have existed without other cultures. How every single thing you think makes you "YOU" or gives a country its trademark is just the result of centuries of activities from all over the planet. 

Think Indian or Thai food and you think of hot peppers. Well peppers were originally from Mexico & Central America so Indian food has been around for 1000s of years but started using peppers only in the past couple of hundred years.

Rice & beans is a staple central american food but rice originated in China.

There were no horses in the American continent. Europeans got them here.

Is "chai" British or Indian or Chinese? How long have been Indians drinking tea?

The richest person in history was from West Africa.

The word guitar is derived from the Indian sitar and coffee from Arabic qahwah and alcohol from again...Arabic  al-kuhul.

The world keeps transforming rapidly. It always has. While snapshots crystallize a moment, a story tells you what happened before that moment. And makes you wonder what could happen later.

This is not just a travel blog. This is an attempt to find the story behind cultures and traditions. Find differences and similarities and expose the frailness & comical ridiculousness of man made borders. And distinctions and local pride. Our identity doesn't have to be contained in some random lines some map maker drew up while in some different continent.

So anyway.

Where am I from? Am from everywhere. So are you. We are from everywhere.