Destination guides

Where do you want to be from? Where do you want to walk about with such certainty that locals ask you for directions?

Be it hiking down the Grand Canyon or transferring NY subway trains - its fun to face the unknown. But when pressed for time or just to be more prepared - check out the guides.


Random thoughts

Many travel experiences can't be crystallized into a neat guide or a snappy story. If words don't fall short for describing your thoughts, you are not experiencing enough of life.

Like spiders hanging on the ledge of a window on the 108th floor of a skyscraper you sometimes wonder how did I end up here? And why?


Food & Cocktails

Nothing captures the culture and story of a place more concretely than food. It is both the stamp of its local identity as well as the symbol of centuries of trade and cross continental exchanges.

Marinara can vaguely refer to the why the heck is the tomato sauce on top of pizza called as marinara sauce??